Global Startup Challenge 2017: FinTech
Global Startup Challenge: FinTech India Series

We work with founders who are passionate and have the vision to solve the burning issues to transform India and impact a million lives

About Us

We are a group of passionately ambitious, visionary, and young breed of leaders with diverse expertise and experience across domains; who are joined together across the country towards the cause of creating a sustainable future that transforms India.

Our Vision and Mission:

India is the world's largest youth populated country, with a diverse set of problems. We believe that the Indian youth has the potential to transform India by working collectively on solving numerous problems in the country by creating a sustainable business that can impact millions of lives and generate employment.

Our Core values


Our Initiatives

Startupp Office Hours

Every saturday Startupp will hold open office hours where invited startups can pitch and meet our team and advisors.