Connecting the last mile for long lasting sustainability

About Us

Startupp was established to support & create growth opportunities for Startups & Innovations by Accelerating Problem Solving, Generating employment and maintain sustainability.

Our Vision

To implement effective Last Mile connectivity across all the stakeholders of the Startup Ecosystem.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring together various stakeholders like Startups, Corporates, Industries, Civic Bodies and Citizens to collaboratively address the core issues of Rural Development, Food & Health Hygiene, Clean Water, Agriculture Productivity, Renewable Energy, Mobility and Climate Change.

Our Commitments

  • Accelerating Startups and Innovations

    We aim to support 10000 Startups and Innovations by 2025
  • Employment Generation

    We are on a mission to create 100 Direct jobs by 2020 and 1000 Indirect jobs by 2025
  • Sustainable Economic Development

    Through our Startupp Cities initiative we will strive towards making startups & innovations of the 100 cities sustainable by 2030

Our Philosophy

We believe in Startups and Innovations and would invest our resources to support them in all possible ways to create Impact in form of employment generation.

Our Core Values


Our dedication to the success of our goals, clients, partners, supporters and our team members


We are driven to perform at the highest level no matter what the scale. We take pride in doing our work and want to be held accountable for results


Through our communications, openness and transparency we promote understanding and alignment between all team members


We share our feelings and emotions to strive and thrive together


We help one another, we remain open to ideas from anywhere with a broader view


We Relentlessly pursuit our goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm, that is voluntary and spontaneous


Trust is at the centre of all our engagement, we trust our people to make good decisions that align with our core values.

Why Start With India

India with it’s huge diversity brings challenges which creates opportunities for the youth to resolve it by means of innovations.

India is around 17% (1,351,696,822) of World's Population out of which 50% is the youth

68.84% (833.1 million) of Indians live in Rural India.

3rd Largest Startup Ecosystem in the World, 26,000+ Startups in India

Estimated 100000+ Startups to be evolved in India by 2025

Indian startups have potential to create 32,000,000 Jobs by 2025

India ranked 10th for Innovation by Commonwealth Innovation index in 2018

Go global USA Canada Mexico

Source :Population Statistics - Census of India, Startup Ecosystem Statistics through India@2030 by TV Mohandas Pai