Accelerating Grassroot Innovations into Sustainable business

Startupp is on a mission to support grassroot Innovations and witness grass root innovations scale as a Startup/Company.

Innovation Validation

Startupp can help validate your innovation through their network of experts and by conducting surveys and implementing pilot projects

Patenting innovations

Startupp can help you fast-track the patent process thereby protecting your IP

Commercializing innovation

Startupp can help you in preparing a business plan to commercialize your Innovations

Company Incorporation

Startupp will assist in setting up your company structure keeping in mind the objective of the business

Talent scouting

We facilitate in making hiring process simpler through our network & platform

Access to Experts

Get connected to experts from various domains to get guidance/support in growing your Innovation/Startup

Product Development

Startupp through it’s partners will help you develop your innovation from prototype to ready to use product/service

Technology Transfer

Startupp can help you facilitate Buying/Selling/Transferring/Licensing your Innovation/technology

Forge Partnership

Startupp supports Innovators in identifying & forging relevant partnerships with Corporates & Industries

Promotions and PR

Startupp will showcase your Innovations on it’s platform and help in outreach by connecting with our Media Partners

Access to Infrastructure & Resources

Startupp can help you connect with right Infrastructure partners such as Innovation centers, Maker spaces, Labs, Incubation and Acceleration programmes

Access to Funds and Grants

Startupp can provide access to various Funds and Grants for you to kickstart & scale

Networking Opportunities

Startupp can provide opportunities for Innovators to represent their innovations to various professionals and organisations through multiple events / online platform

“We believe if the Grass root innovations from India do not scale, it thus represents a loss of opportunity for India”

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