Startupp brings together various stakeholders to forge partnerships with Startups, to create a win-win proposal.

Startupp runs various Initiatives and Programmes such as Startupp Tour, Startupp Challenges & Startupp Awards and Honors in collaboration with various stakeholders.


Angel Investors, VCs and Fund Houses :

Startupp partners with Angel Investors, VCs and Fund Houses by offering investment opportunities through Startup scouting Programmes

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Incubators, Accelerators, Innovation Centers :

Startupp partners with Incubators, Accelerators and Innovation Centers for running an exclusive Startups scouting programmes to build their co-horts

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Corporates and Institutions :

Startupp partners with Corporates and Institutions to introduce them to innovative solutions for their businesses & provides startups a platform to showcase & commercialize their innovations

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Academia :

Startupp works with academic institutions by sharing their resources and expertise towards creating programs for engaging with Students startups / innovations

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Governments and Civic Bodies :

Startupp partners with government bodies to develop a robust startup ecosystem across various cities by implementing effective policies for Startups basis the study on multiple challenges faced by Indian Entrepreneurs

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Nonprofits and NGO’s :

Startupp enables Nonprofits and NGOs to collaborate with Startups/Innovations for accelerating their mission as well as implementing effective and affordable solutions.

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Service Providers :

Startupp partners with various Service Providers like IP firms/Accounting firms/co-working org, etc. that can provide tools and resources as well as support in various outreach activities.

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