We believe in Startups and our strong priority is to support and create growth opportunities for Startups - Founders First!

Startupp is established with a sole purpose of supporting Startups and Innovations to help them to create a sustainable model which enables employment opportunities.

Fundraising support

We understand the challenges in raising funds, we help startups connect with Angel Investors & VCs in our network as well as introducing to Debt Funding, Grants and other funding opportunities to sustain and thrive.

Access to Experts

Get connected to experts from various domains to get guidance/support in growing your Startup

Networking Opportunities

Startupp provides the networking opportunity for Founders through curated formal and informal events/online platform

Talent Scouting

We facilitate in making hiring process simpler through our network & platform

Forge Partnership

Startupp supports Startups in identifying & forging relevant partnerships with Corporates & Industries

Collaborate with Startups

Startups are solving various issues and building businesses across multiple domains. Startupp with it’s network of Startups can facilitate collaboration between Startups for mutual growth.

Promotions and PR

Startupp will showcase your Innovations on it’s platform and help in outreach by connecting with our Media Partners

Perks and Resources

Startupp will provide access to resources like Tech Tools, Accounting and Payments services, coworking spaces and other IP related services at a subsidized pricing

Get Started

Every quarter we run various curated programmes on Funding, Partnerships and Networking, Register Now to Get Started!

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